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Masjid Khalid


This is a 5-year Islamic traditonal Halaqah studies curriculum which comprises a holistic education in the Islamic sciences. Books in Fiqh, Hadith Sciences, Tafsir, Tauhid, ethics, the prophetic tradition and Arabic language are covered. There will be memorisation of selected chapters of the Holy Quran, supplications (every week before class commences) and prayers practical. Students can view the complete syllabus through the posters on our social media.

In the event of a pandemic, classes might be conducted online in accordance with MOH guidelines.

Time: 9am-1pm Every Sunday
Language: English
Start: January 2023
Payment upon registration: $130
2 x $50 (2 months monthly fee) + $30 (registration fee)

Program Fees: $50/monthly
Registration Fees: $30 (one-time)