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This diploma studies is based on the halaqah methodology. Students are required to have completed the 5 year Halaqah studies or its equivalent in order to register for the this studies. The mosque can reject applications of those who do not meet the requirements. Medium used for the Arabic subjects are in English. As for the other Islamic subjects, it will be in both malay and English.

In Arabic language, the course will develop skills in reading, speaking and writing Standard Arabic. It will be conducted by Ustaz Iqbal Bin Abdullah, an experienced Arabic and Islamic teacher in Singapore. The course will also include a wide range of literary and non-literary reading matter to improve essential comprehension skills. Students will be trained to write good prose in Standard Arabic, i.e. prose that is clear and correct in its expression of thought and argument. The course will cover the rules of grammar and syntax (nahw and sarf). By the end of the course, students should be able to understand how sentences are constructed in Arabic, how the different elements relate to each other, and how their relations affect meaning. They should be able, also, to apply this understanding to analyse passages of classical Arabic prose.

In hadith, the students will mainly study The principal text will be Bulugh al-maram. They will learn the meanings of those hadiths and the detailed discussions in the interpretation of them for law. Time will be set aside for studying those hadiths which explain the fundamentals of iman and islam and how they help Muslims to develop piety, humility and good manners.

In the field of Islamic Jurisprudence (fiqh), students will learn how to do the acts of worship (prayer, fasting, zakah, hajj, etc.) properly and with understanding. They will study the main rules of family law, contract law, and lawful and unlawful in Islam. The principal text used will be Fathul Qareeb.

In general, Islamic studies students will learn the lives of the major Prophets, sirah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all, and National education covering aspects of the history multi religious societies in a diverse nation.

Our hope is for this course to meet the basic needs of Muslims living in Singapore. By doing this course, alongside doing the national curriculum, they will get a secure foundation on which they can build intelligent, informed practice of their religion, and from which they can proceed to further and deeper study of Arabic and of the Islamic sciences.

For interested applicants, please e-mail us at with your full name, e-mail contact number, and relevant certificates, and we will be in touch with you within one week, in sha Allah